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ACTIVATE is a new highly effective cleaning treatment that works amazingly on natural and imported stone. Perfect for your patio, driveway, block paving, decking, render, and other outdoor areas. It’s unique special formula is suitable for removing moss, mould, algae, lichen and the natural build-up of dirt. It’s cleaning properties revitalises the stone transforming it back to its original colour, literally leaving your patio looking like new again. ACTIVATE is the perfect product to use on all types of stone; Indian, Derbyshire, granite, porcelain, and any other imported stone. The solution has self-cleaning properties, it re-activates when it rains after application so will continue working for a length of time. A perfect solution for cleaning paving, driveways, brickwork, block paving, stone sets and cobbles… all with perfect results! Helps provide lasting protection to the stone, preventing the re-growth of moss, mould, lichen and algae.

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No pressure washing prior to application that ensures jointing between slabs is not disturbed. If applied neat 5 litres will cover approximately 12-15m2.
Application is recommended using a garden sprayer, watering can be used but coverage will be less. Once applied just simply leave it to work
its magic. You should start seeing the results within 15 minutes. Severely affected areas may need a secondary diluted application.
MAINTENANCE: ACTIVATE is recommended to be used on a quarterly basis to ensure optimum ongoing results. A diluted application is normally sufficient once your area has been cleaned.

  • Rejuvenates natural stone
  • High strength cleaning concentrate
  • No pressure washing – no damage to jointing
  • Ready to use – spray and leave
  • Helps prevent the regrowth of moss
  • Maintenance application – can be used diluted 1: 6 with water


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