The perfect clean roof in time for summer!

The perfect clean roof in time for summer!

Here at IRevive, we don’t just clean drives, patios and commercial areas, we are also able to offer a fantastic roof cleaning service! Roof cleaning can significantly improve the aesthetic of your home, whilst also increasing the lifespan of your roof tiles.

During the winter months, moss, algae, debris and stains can accumulate on your roof tiles. You may notice as spring approaches that you find little balls of moss on surfaces underneath your roof as they dry out and fall off your roof. In fact, there will be much more, higher up in the centre of the roof, which you are unable to see. As the moss builds up, it will collect rainwater like a sponge, making it heavy and potentially damaging to roof tiles. We’ve seen moss crack and even loosen roof tiles before – obviously, it’s important to try and avoid this to protect the longevity of your roof.

A clean roof really does enhance the aesthetic of your home and when selling, aesthetic is key. Since the pandemic, there has been a huge rise in the number of homes on the market – as people spent more time in their homes during the lockdown, many decided to move into their dream properties. We’ve noticed a significant increase in requests for roof cleaning from sellers as often, the first thing a buyer will look at is the condition of your homes roof.
Moss, algae and build-up of debris can cause red flags with new buyers. A roof that has been treated with IRevive will not only look new but it’ll also be protected from future build-ups of moss, algae and debris – another selling point for your home!

Roof Cleaning

How does iREVIVE work on roofs?

IRevive is an environmentally friendly treatment, which has been used for many years in aviation to keep runways free of moss, algae and debris. Once applied to your roof, IRevive will remove any debris, moss or algae – making your roof look good as new! The best bit – our IRevive solution continues to work long after application. Rain will re-activate the solution – so your roof will stay looking clean and tidy for longer!

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