The perfect spring cleaning solution… for the outside!

The perfect spring cleaning solution… for the outside!

At this time of year, we’re all spring cleaning our homes, getting garden furniture ready and even clean the patio (a laborious job to say the least).

Jet washing often displaces sand that sits in the middle of patio flags, causing the flags to lift and become loose.  Additionally, if the process removes sand or grout, re-sealing may be the only way to keep your patio clean and looking its best. Jet washing, re-sanding and re-sealing your patio every 6-12 months can become expensive and incredibly time-consuming.  So how do you avoid resealing your patio to keep it looking its best?

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Patios and Driveways Cleaning Treatment solution

For the past 18 months, we’ve been trialling a brand new, cutting edge cleaning treatment that is currently used to keep airport runways and pedestrian walkways clean and clear of moss,  weeds, algae and general dirt.  iREVIVE is a revolutionary new driveways, patios and roof cleaning treatment that removes the need for jet washing, it can revitalise all outdoor areas, leaving them looking brand new again. We’re currently offering free demos – you’ll be amazed at the results!

iREVIVE is specially formulated to prevent the re-growth of moss, algae and weeds – in fact,  once applied, it re-activates every time it rains.The solution is pet-friendly,  environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain any toxins or pesticides, making it perfect for both home and commercial properties.

iREVIVE can be used on any outdoor surface, including garden furniture, roofs patios, driveways, decking and brickwork.  The solution can be sprayed onto any surface with no need for jet washing prior to treatment, alleviating any risk of lifting slabs and therefore extending the life of your patio, driveway or other surfaces.

Get in touch now to book your free demo and find out more about this fantastic, super spring cleaning solution!

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